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Bioactive Materials [20 Dec , 1 2 ]. Abstract A variety of engineered scaffolds have been created for tissue engineering using polymers, ceramics and their composites. Biomimicry has been adopted for majority of the three-dimensional 3D scaffold design both in terms of physicochemical properties, as well as bioactivity for superior tissue regeneration. Here is another book to add to this huge collection, but, hopefully, not just another collection of pages, but rather a book with a specific purpose to aid in alleviating the "weariness of the flesh" that could arise from much studying of other journals and books in order to obtain the basic information contained herein.

Cortiva BioActive Surface

This book is about polymeric materials and biological activity, as the title notes. Polymeric materials, in the broad view taken here, would include not only synthetic polymers e.

In short, this book attempts to consider, briefly, the use of any type of polymeric material system with essentially any kind of biological activity. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Chemistry Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Free Preview.

Bio-derived polymer films: Applications in the food supply chain

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