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They show readers how an understanding of this structure can lead to practical exact algorithms for constructing such trees. The book also details numerous breakthroughs in this area over the past 20 years, features clearly written proofs, and is supported by colour and 15 black and white figures. It will help graduate students, working mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists to understand the principles required for designing interconnection networks in the plane that are as cost efficient as possible.

He has worked on Steiner trees and network optimization problems for about 18 years, and has written more than 60 papers in this area, both on the theory of optimal network design and on industrial applications to Wireless Sensor Networks, Telecommunications, VLSI Physical Design, and Underground Mining Planning.

He has worked on heuristics and exact methods for classical NP-hard problems, such as the geometric Steiner Tree Problem, as well as other optimization problems. His general research interests are in experimental algorithmics and computational combinatorial optimization, in particular related to VLSI design. As well as writing more than 40 papers on these topics, he is one of the developers of GeoSteiner, which is by far the most efficient software for solving a range of geometric Steiner tree problems.

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The first comprehensive book on the geometric Steiner tree problem since the s Clearly written proofs, supported by color figures Includes both the underlying mathematical theory and algorithms for Steiner trees, with an emphasis on exact solutions see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover.

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Includes bibliographical references and index. Mode of access: World Wide Web.

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