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To me my best play is when I end up playing unexpectedly. Yesterday I was in a thrift store with a friend; I had a really fun time playing. It was like dress up all over again, except this time I could choose the style, the clothes, the table cloth, and even the tea cups. I ended up buying two cute long shorts very summer looking and two ice cream Sunday fancy dessert cups. Play can be anything! Sometimes when I just sit for a bit and hug my dog and talk to her and pet her, I feel like some warm sunshine creeps into me and makes everything alright and that I had just played.

I am married to an opposite that does not know how to play at all. Sometimes this is hard since play is something I love! So I have to remind myself that I can bring play to him and when I do, he laughs and we end up having a fun time together.

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  6. Simple things like saying lets scream together for a minute— you look so tense did you had a bad day? Oh yes, he replies, so we sit there and take turns screaming just a min or two but it [helps us]let go of all that tight stuff and it even gets the bad day in the right place under his feet. Life is too short to not play! Stumbling into play is just the best! Here I am painting a painting trying my hardest to do my best, it just is not working so I begin to scribble and then even use my hands. What about throwing the paint so it splatters and pretty soon my work of art has character much more than I had ever planned and it was play!

    It was fun!

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    I love to play with my grand kids because they really love to play, and they know how to let go to just do it. All of this can take place within the same time span. As an adult I see that I keep limiting myself. Time comes into consideration as well.

    What is Your Play Philosophy?

    Do I really have the energy? Then, the question comes, Is that really what I call play or fun? Sometimes play for me now can even be taking deep breaths and hugging myself looking in the mirror and saying what I like about myself, singing a favorite song out loud, wears some crazy socks that show, putting a flower in my hair, sometimes it is just being still for as long as I can, and then enjoying the wonderful feeling after.

    That feels like play to me, because play is freeing! Loving yourself is freeing, play and love walk hand in hand.

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    I have tried to play like I used to as a kid. I recently tried to climb a tree and sit there like I used to love. First of all I almost fell numerous times while trying to climb it, then, once there, it was all scratchy and then came the ants. Some things are just better as a kid! Instead I can even be comfy and play with soft plump pillows piled high in a corner with my favorite books and nice lamp and a tray full of cookies and milk.

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    Imagine that you find yourself at a playground, park, or natural setting. What ways do you find to play? How do you feel? Rachel Signer of Dowser.

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    Popular Features. New Releases. Description It is now widely acknowledged that play is central to our lives. As a phenomenon, play poses important questions of reality, subjectivity, competition, inclusion and exclusion. This international collection is the third in a series of books including The Philosophy of Play and Philosophical Perspectives on Play that aims to build paradigmatic bridges between scholars of philosophy and scholars of play. Divided into four sections Play as Life, Play as Games, Play as Art and Play as Politics , this book sheds new light on the significance of play for both children and adults in a variety of cultural settings.

    Its chapters encompass a range of philosophical areas of enquiry such as metaphysics, aesthetics and ethics, and the spectrum of topics explored includes games, jokes, sport and our social relationship with the Internet.

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    With contributions from established and emerging scholars from around the world, The Philosophy of Play as Life is fascinating reading for all those with an interest in playwork, the ethics and philosophy of sport, childhood studies or the philosophy of education. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Play Against Alienation? Review quote "I am sure that many other scholars and practitioners of play may be enchanted by reading here and there in this much welcome and highly commendable, and recommendable, work of play and play of work.